February 05

New, re-edited Asian clips this week with Queen Ying (right) wearing various tiny shirts with naughty writings ('I am a dumb cow', 'I love Big Black Cock'), and of slutty Nut (left) walking with her oiled tits hanging out, approaching a masturbating guy, in no time she takes over, and in the end gets titfucked! Awesome Mel again foaming her natural knockers in the pool and shaking her wet meat-balloons(left)! Plus brown US-jugs and more sightings from GB and EU!

January 29

In this update more large Asian compilation clips of legend Mint (with her sister) wearing various bras and bikini-tops at the pool (left)! And of gorgeous An (right) from her very first shooting - when her balloon-like jugs couldn't hold the milk and all of a sudden started to lactate!! Stunning moment, she said she didn't feed her baby for weeks! - Lovely Mel teasing farang with her shaking natural balloons, smothering his face between them (left)! Black jugs from the US yummy cleavages from Spain & GB!

January 22

This week with more large Asian combo-clips of Nut (left), walking around showing maximum cleavage, and before soon her tits get grabbed, tied up, spanked and fucked! Another large combo of Queen Ying (right) as oversexed office lady, showing her bulging cleavage in skimpy tops! Lovely Mel again in a daylight shooting, shaking her all natural marvels (left). Plus more nice sightings from Spain like the wobbler on the right, and big, black jugs from South Beach...

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15th of January

Great new Asian combo-clips of Pendulous Pat's floppers (left) in a skin tight sweater and a "Sexbomb"-shirt, at & in the pool, including grabbing, pinching and smothering! More Asian pool-tits with legendary Mint (top right) shaking her natural hangers in various shirts & skimpy swimsuits, in some takes even posing with her cute sister! Gorgeous Mel shaking her mindblowing balloon-rack in a too short t-shirt (right)! Plus more international street-boobs!

8th of January

This week's update with more Asian combo-clips of Pat's floppers squeezed and titfucked in four tops (left), and of Micky's mouthwatering cleavage (right) in several tight tops - watch her sucking something long and hard she squeezed between her boobs! Another clip of Asian Titman's dream Mel looking simply breathtaking with her wobbling knockers under the seethrough-top on the left! Plus fat, brown monster-wobblers and other street-tits from the US, GB and EU!

1st of January

Happy New Year!! First update in 2023 with more colossal combo-clips of lowslung natural Mint at the pool in various outfits (left), and of lactating An's milk-filled balloons and long nipples squeezed hard (top right)! Melon-baby Mel wears the same "No Bra Club"-shirt like last week, but this time shaking big dick between her all natural balloons (left)! Furthermore incredible cleavages and fabulous wobblers from the US and Lomdon, and cute street-titters from Spain!

December 25

Xmas-update with another combo-clip of busty Micky (right), first playing the decent girl reading a book, then taking off her shirt to reveal her bulging cleavage and to squeeze long, thick things between her boobs! More takes of busty natural Far (top left)! Mesmerizing Mel (left) wears a too short "No bra club"-shirt, pressing her broad rack against glass and driving you nuts with her shaking, all natural balloons! Plus black, wobbling monster-jugs from the US and some tit-tarts from Europe! Happy Holidays!!!

December 17

Asian combo-clips with busty May (on the left), wearing three sexy tops, and of Pat's (right) floppers squeezed, pinched and spanked under a bright moon! Incredible Mel mesmerizing farang with her shaking boobs until she smothers his face between them! From the US monster-owls like those on the right, a whopper from London, from Spain a blonde wobbler, pierced nipples and a busty blonde, wearing a a shirt in the city, later at the beach she takes it off to show meaty cleavage!

December 10

This week more re-edited footage of incredible An (left), at first lactating in long, milky spurts, folllowed by some good titfucking! And another combo-clip of cleavage-cutie Micky (right) wearing various sexy wool-tops! Sexy boob-bopper Mel (left) in a mouthwatering tit-top showing her underboob-cleavage (I wish she would wear this in public)! More big, black balloon-boobs (like those on the right) from Southbeach/Florida, plus white titties and a gorgeous black wobbler from Spain!her

December 03

Asian compilations this week with a spectacular scene of lactating An (right): watch long spurts of milk squeezed out of her swollen nipples, almost hitting the camera, combined with rough tit-grabbing and -smothering! Titfuck next week! And we got another combo-clips of all natural Fa wearing various sexy tops (top left)! Balloon-boobed Mel (right) also wearing various tops without bra, shaking her massive cleavage meat! Plus huge black US-jugs in incredible tops (left) and cool wobblers from Spain!

November 26

This week new, re-edited compilation-clips of legendary Mint in seethrough-tops at the pool, posing with a friend (left)! And of bopper Far (right) showing her firm underboobs in various short tops! Big boobed cutie Mel shaking her jugs with a noisy cow-bell around her neck and using a breast-pump (left)! We got more big black boobs from Britain and the US, a cool lass dancing on the street with nipple-stickers (right), and we got more wobblers & whoppers from Spain!

November 19

This week with another compilation of Mia in various tops (left), and marvelous May (right) again, wearing two titfuck-swimsuits which cover almost nothing, grabbed at the pool and with underwater-shots! Cute boob-sweetie Mel (right) this week wearing a black top in the garden, tit-teasing the camera-man - so damn hot! From the US (and from London) we got some fat black jugs like those on the left, plus a nice selection of white titties & cleavages from Barcelona!

November 12

Great new Asian combo-clips of magnificent May grabbed in two tit-tops (left), and of naturally slim & stacked Fa's firm boobs squeezed & sucked (right)! Marvelous Mel shaking her boobs in the pool, so cute how she tries to pronounce "Watch me at C-DoubleDee" for her fans...at least the term "Double-D" seemed familiar to her :) We got more summer-sightings from Spain of girls who proudly present their wobbling cleavages, plus fat black jugs & ass from South Beach, Florida!

November 06

Sometimes I find in my archives footage of models I completely forgot, models like Mia on the left: sexy smile, squeezable rack - combo-clip of her wearing various tops! A model I'll never forget is legendary Mint on top right - in this week's combo-clip she's wearing school uniforms in the pool! Lovely Mel again shaking her amazing, all natural balloon-boobs (left), and we got stunning summer-sightings from Spain like the lass on the right, as well as big black jugs from the US!

October 29

This week with more Asian combo-clips of charming May (on the left) who likes to show her lovely face, however the horny geek seems to be interested in her fuck-tits only! And of Pat (right), shaking her natural airbags, running around in the garden before she gets titfucked! Lovely Mel (left) showing her massive underboobs in a skimpy school-shirt, talking to her friend, shaking her balloons...More great summer-sightings from Spain (right) and black mugs from US & GB!

October 22

New Asian compilation-clips showing Mint's legendary hangers in various tops (left), and gorgeous Gom's big natural balloons on her tiny frame, shaking her tits and stroking big dick (right)! Lovely boob-doll Mel wobbling around in another one of those over-sexed "swimsuits" (right)! More nice touri-tits from Spain (like the puffy-doll on the left), fat black jugs from the US and busty muslim girls from London, hiding their hair but not their whopping racks...!

October 15

This week with more Asian compilations of cute Mickey (left) showing her pushed up cleavage, squeezing things between her bulging boobs, another large clip of lovely tit-beauty May (right) grabbed, sucked and titfucked with a charming smile! Sweet Mel shaking her natural balloons in a micro-bikini-top (right)! From the US and GB huge boobed black lasses, from Spain again the busty muslim girl hiding her hair with a hijab, but not hiding her amazing rack - I love her knowing grin...

October 08

This week with two long re-compilations of Pat (left) wobbling around in a tight jeans-dress with her tits hanging out, approached by an enormous cock! And of May (right) in the pool, wearing a skimpy nipplestrip-slitgripper! Fantastic Mel teasing the camera with her natural ballons (left), would love to see her walking public in that top! Walking public are all other girls of this update, including a great bikini-wobbler from Spain, and more black&white jugs from the US and GB!

October 01

Great new combo-clips of skinny but busty Asian bimbo Gom in various soaked seethrough-tops (right), and for lovers of sweater-meat: Micky (left) sticking out her chest in three tight wool-tops, exposing her ballooning cleavage! Awesome boob-cutie Mel shaking her honkers with nipple-pompoms like in a old-fashioned burlesque-show (left)! From Spain two rare clips of busty girlfriends/sisters exposing their yummy cleavages! Plus more black US-jugs and a great wobble-ass!

September 24

More Asian Tit-Fetishism with new combo-clips of Pat's honkers roughly squeezed, sucked and fucked by a greedy horndog (left), and of May (right) who likes to show her lovely face, but the guy seems to be only interested in her tits! An amazing clip of boob-cutie Mel (right) whopping around joyously in the garden! Another hot, busty Asian running down a road and more clips from Spain: a lass showing extreme wobbling and an awesome, skinny girl without bra showing her firm puffies (left)! US-jugs!

CDDarchive.com Updated, with stacked Asians, huge black jugs and busty Euro-cuties- click here to check!
September 17

New, re-edited combo-clips showing classy May in a sexy pink top and the slut-gown on the left, and of skinny but superbly stacked Gom (right) titfucked! Sweet Mel doesn't like that farang's focus is on anything else than her tits, so she starts distracting him with her naked boobs in a seethrough-top - of course he has no choice but to give in and to get lost between her big breasts (left)! Black jugs from the US, from Spain a busty Indian and a super-cute sweetie wearing no bra to show her firm tits&puffies!

September 10

New, re-edited combo-clips with spectacular, skinny but superbly (and naturally) stacked Gom shaking her boobs in micro-bikinis with some titfucking (left)! More Asian titfucking with Pat (right), running around in sexy tops, soon approached by a guy pushing his large cock between her boobs! Cute and over-endowed Mel foaming her knockers in the pool, shaking them mesmerizingly (right)! From Miami the incredible lass on the left, wobbling public in a seethrough-bra, more sightings from the US & Spain!

September 03

This update again with two large Asian combo-clips showing Queen Ying titfucked again in two tit-tops (left), and of cock-teaser Priew in various tops, who can't resist to approach a geek jacking his big dick at the poolside, rubbing her large nipples at his glans and taking it between her pointy boobs (top right)! Fantastic Mel in a mindboggling clip, shaking her huge, all wet honkers (left)! New summer-sightings from Spain (like the lass on the right), more girls showing yummy cleavage, from GB and the US!

August 27

This week with new, long, re-edited combo-clips of Asian boob-star Gom, super-slim and all naturally stacked, grabbed, sucked and jacking dick in three tops (left), and of Queen Ying in two tops, including tit-fucking (top right)! Gorgeous natural Mel in her very first shooting when she was too shy to take off her bra, but not shy to show some her heavily whopping cleavage (right)! New summer-sightings from Spain including a busty black muslim teen wearing hijab, proudly presenting her amazing rack...

August 20

New and large Asian combo-clips with raunchy Preaw titfucked and lustily sucking fat cock with lots of saliva slobbering from her mouth (left), gorgeous Gail's beton-boobs in three tit-tops, and sweet Asian boob-babe Mel shaking fat cock between her natural balloons - big dick meats big boobs, that's the meaning of life, just awesome to watch! From Spain the extreme bikini-wobbler on the left and other sightings, massive brown jugs from the US and GB! Midweek-update with 50 Asian clips only!!

August 13

We got more great Asian compilations with two of CDD's hottest porn-tit-queens: on the left bomb-bust Gail, posing in three sexy tops, on the right Big Ying wearing two micro-bikini-tops before her rack gets sucked and fucked (so cute how she tries to pronounce 'titfucking'!)! Sweet Mel on the left shaking her honkers with a cow-bell around her neck, causing a lot of noise! And fresh summer-sightings from Spain, on the right one of my favorites: what a rack on such a petite girl - mindblowing!!

August 06

This week with more Asian compilations showing big-titted May in three skimpiest swimsuits - at the poolside and under water (left)! And as announced last week bubbly, skinny but stacked Gom grabbed, sucked and titfucked by a huge cock! And tit-wonder Mel again, wearing a skin-tight top, shaking her natural balloons and distracting farang from his work, pushing her boobs into his face (right)! And we got a fourth Asian, rushing down the road, great rack (left)! Midweek-update with 50 Asian clips only!!

July 30

Thiis week great new Asian compilation-clips of awesome, skinny but all natural and superbly stacked Gom wobbling around in three skimpy wool tops (left) - next week you'll see her titfucked! And Queen Ying wearing two thin sweaters before her porn-tits get sucked hard and fucked! Marvelous Mel shaking her natural jugs with those funny nipple-stickers on the right! Fresh summer-sightings from Spain like the double-sightings on the left with two cleavage-sisters! Midweek-update with 50 Asian clips only!!

July 23

This week's update with a long, re-edited clip of cute natural Far's only titfuck-scene (right)! And we got Gail again, proudly posing in three seethrough-tops (left)! Natural tit-wonder Mel shaking her balloon-boobs under pedigrees (left)! And we got fresh sightings from Spain, including a dark-skinned, amazingly stacked Indian girl and a white lass showing her crazily wobbling jugs in a skimpy bikini (both right)! Fat, black US-jugs! Midweek-update with 50 Asian clips only!!

CDDarchive.com Updated, with stacked Asians, huge black jugs and busty Euro-cuties- click here to check!
July 16

This week new Asian compilations with a complete scene of teaser Preaw (left) walking at the poolside in a sexy tit-top, approaching a guy masturbating and immediately starting to show her excellent suck-skills before she gets titfucked! Gail's massive honkers stetching out some tight sweaters (top right)! Sweet breast-wonder Mel wearing a cute school-outfit, but instead of a shirt she wears just nipple-stickers (left)! Plus international sightings! Midweek-update with 50 Asians-only-clips!

July 09

This week with new Asian combo-clips showing bubbly Yui wearing two extremely sexy seethrough-wool-tops, shaking her natural floppers (right)! And a compilation of two titfuck-scenes with busty Muk and teaser Preaw approaching a guy jacking off at the pool side (right)! A classic repost of incredible Mel in jeans - her natural balloon-whoppers look remarkably big in this scene! Plus a selection of international sightings! Midweek-update with Asians only!!

July 02

New Asian combo-clips showing rough smothering, titsucking and -fucking with Pat wearing two zipper-tops (left), cute Far (right) shaking big dick between her perfect tits in a mesmerizing way (it felt incredible), Gail stretching out her bomber-bust in a bra, corset, fishnet-top and micro-bikini (right), and a repost of an early clip of wonder-girl Mel shaking natural honkers (left)! Plus a selection of international sightings! Midweek-update with 50 Asian-only-clips!

June 25

New Asian compilations this week with Pat entering farang's home to get grabbed and titfucked right on the spot (left)! Fa's firm naturals grabbed in three sexy seethrough tops (right). More massive mauling and squeezing with giggling Yui shaking her floppers in slow motion (left), and marvelous Mel showing some awesome wobbling with an irresistible smile (right)! Plus a selection of international street sightings! Midweek update with 50 clips of gorgeous Asian Tits only!

June 18

This week with new, re-edited and long Asian clips with full scenes of busty Muk in two seethrough tops, approaching a masturbating guy at the pool, being titfucked(left)! Of gorgeous Far shaking big dick between her firm naturals (right), of giggling Yui massively grabbed in three tops (right), and marvelous Mel again, shaking her balloon boobs in a babydoll (left)! Plus a selection of international sightings! Midweek update with 50 clips of Asians only!

11th of June

New Asian combo-clips showing May and Far together in one clip, sharing the same shirt (left), a clip of Far solo with a good cumshot on her oily, firm natural honkers (right)! Bubbly Yui in the hands of a greedy tit-man who squeezes and shakes her floppers in every way imaginable, which makes her giggle all the time (right)! Another clip of Mel in her very first shooting, showing her heavy, whopping cleavage-meat (left)! Plus a selection of international sightings!

4th of June

This week great new, long Asian clips with busty Muk soaking her cockteaser-shirt, approaching the geek masturbating at the pool-side (left)! More Asian titfucking with skinny but stacked PingPong (top right), cute Mel teasing the camera with her underboobs (left), and a compilation of gorgeous May wearing seethrough-tops only (right)! More underboobs and other sightings from the streets! During the week extra-update with Asians only (50 last Asian clips in a row)!

30th of May

We got four Asian clips this week, two of them include titfucking: on the right skinny but stacked PingPong shaking big dick between her DingDongs, on top left we got natural flopper Pat, full scene with all takes of tit-fucking with cumshot! Marvelous Mel shaking her meaty mams under a too tiny jeans-vest, and a nice combo-clip of busty Muk on the left, wearing a pushup-top, only a bra, or walking just topless! Plus yummy sightings! Midweek-update(s) with busty Asians only!